Dear readers,

2011 is here so...
Happy new year!

I hope you all are having a nice holiday season and enjoyed the new year's eve celebration, should it be something special for you.

My tentative resolutions for this year related to non-work and non-personal areas would be:
  • First, to revive this blog. I have been lately posting more frequently than has been usual and it has been a pleasant task. I would like to recover the habit of blogging several times per week and, for that, I need topics! Keep'em coming! I already have some topics on the queue but they need a bit of research on my side first.
  • Second, to bring Kyua to reality (i.e. to deprecate ATF). Work is continuing intensively and a preliminary release should be ready during Q1. This release will bring the much-needed replacement for atf-run.
  • And third... well, haven't thought that much about resolutions ;-) We will see.