Few things worth mentioning this week as reviewing Summer of Code student applications has taken priority. The good thing is that there are several strong applications for NetBSD; the bad thing is that none relate directly to testing. Anyway, the work this week:

  • Added a pkg-config file for atf-sh as well as an Autoconf macro to detect its presence. This is needed by Kyua to easily find atf-sh. (Yes, I know: this is an abuse of pkg-config, but it works pretty well and is consistent with atf-c and atf-c++.)
  • Implemented basic integration tests for Kyua in r98 using atf-sh. These tests are still very simple but provide a placeholder into which new tests will be plugged. Having good integration test coverage is key in preparation for a 0.1 release. Oh, and by the way, this revision has bumped the number of tests to 601, crossing the 600 barrier :-)
That's pretty much it. Now, back to attempting to fix my home server as a fresh installation of NetBSD/macppc has decided to not boot any more.  (Yes, this has blocked most of my weekend...)