Some cool stuff this week, albeit not large-scale:

  • Implemented the --variable flag in the test command. This flag, which can be specified multiple times, allows a user to override any configuration variable (be it a built-in or a test-suite variable) from the command line. This is actually the same as atf-run's -v flag, but with a clear separation between built-in configuration settings and test-suite specific settings.
  • Added support for several environment variables to allow users (and tests) to override built-in paths. I can't imagine right now any legitimate use for these variables, but hardcoded values are bad in general, atf-run provided these same variables, and these variables are very handy for testing purposes.
  • Added support for the new require.files test-case metadata property to both ATF and Kyua. This new property allows tests to specify a set of files that they require in order to run, and is useful for those tests that can't run before make install is executed.
The functionality planned for the 0.1 release is now pretty much complete. There is still a few rough edges to clean, some documentation to write, and some little features to implement/fix. See the open bugs for 0.1 to get an idea of the remaining tasks.