Dear readers,

I'm very proud to announce that the very first release of Kyua, obviously numbered 0.1, has been published! The release page for kyua-cli-0.1 contains more details about what this release offers, and don't hesitate to join the kyua-discuss mailing list and ask if you have questions.

Kyua was started sometime in past October and it has taken over six months to get the first public version. (It is true that my free time has heavily fluctuated during this period though, so it does not mean that six months of intensive coding have gone into the release ;-) Kyua 0.1 hovers at almost 40K lines of code according to Ohloh and comes with 800 test cases, yet it only implements a replacement for the atf-run component of ATF.

I have a package ready for pkgsrc, but unfortunately can't submit it because pkgsrc is in a freeze in preparation for the next stable branch. No matter what, expect detailed instructions on how to install Kyua and how to run the NetBSD-current test suite with it very soon.

Enjoy, and keep the bug reports coming!