One of the major features I want in place for Kyua 0.2 is the ability to run "foreign" test programs as part of a test suite: i.e. to be able to plug non-ATF test programs into a Kyuafile. The rationale for this is to lower the entry barrier of newcomers to Kyua and, also, to allow running some foreign test suites that exist in the NetBSD source tree but that are currently not run.

The work this week has gone in the direction outlined above among other things:
  • Created an abstract base class to represent test programs and provided an implementation for ATF.
  • Did the same thing for test cases.
  • Moved the kyua-cli package from pkgsrc-wip into pkgsrc head. Installing Kyua is now a breeze under NetBSD (and possibly under other platforms supported by pkgsrc!)
The next steps are to generalize the test case results, clearly separate the ATF-specific code from the general abstractions, and add an implementation to run simple test programs.