Not a very active week: I've been on-call four days and they have been quite intense. Plus I have had to go through a "hurricane" in NYC. That said, I had some time to do a bit of work on Kyua and the results have been nice :-)
  • Made calls to getopt_long(3) work with GNU Getopt by using the correct value of optind to reset option processing.
  • Improved the configure script to error out in a clearer way when missing dependencies (pkg.m4 and Lua) are not found.
  • Did some portability fixes.
  • And released Kyua 0.2! (along with a pkgsrc package)
At this point, I have to start thinking how to implement test suite reporting within Kyua (i.e. how to replace atf-report). This probably means learning SQLite and refreshing my incredibly rusty SQL skills.

Also, it's time to (probably) split the utils::lua library in a separate package because there is several people interested in this.