• Moved the code of utils::lua to a new project, Lutok.
  • Attempted to integrate a copy of Lutok into the Kyua source code to simplify installing Kyua. I have been playing with Subversion externals and Autoconf/Automake hacks to make this happen, but unfortunately haven't got a pleasant solution yet.
  • Modified Lutok to not expose the Lua C API at all from header files and cleaned up the Kyua code to cope with the changes.
  • Been chewing through the first chapters of the "Using SQLite" book to refresh my SQL skills.
  • And, most importantly, wrote a preliminary design document for the database store of Kyua and the reporting features. Comments certainly welcome! Be aware that this is how atf-report will be replaced, so once this is done we should be able to finally kill atf-run and atf-report altogether :-)
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