• Some more reading on SQLite. The Using SQLite book is close to awesome; very easy to read and full of insightful tips.
  • Cleaned up my preliminary SQLite wrapper code. Still very incomplete, but I've bitten the bullet and decided to commit the new library as is; otherwise I'll just keep procrastinating. So, ladies and gentlemen, welcome the new utils::sqlite module in Kyua. At the moment, this just provides the barebones to open and close a database. I need to start playing around with preparing statements before I can model these in my wrapper classes. (Yes, the API structure is extremely similar to that in Lutok.)
Update (23:40): I sent this too early, thinking I would not have anything nice to report this week either. But as it turns out, I finally had some spare time this late evening and got a chance to submit the extremely-incomplete SQLite C++ bindings I've been toying around with. See the update above! :-)