Many things have happened this week, but they can all be summarized in one single sentence: kyua test now records the results of the execution of a test suite into the SQLite database.

"Why is this important?", you ask. Well, that's a good question. Recording test results opens the gate to many long-awaited features that should be coming soon, such as the ability to inspect the history of a particular test, to query all available data of a test result and/or to generate a dashboard of test results. It's interesting to realize that most of these features are just one SQL query away. If you install Kyua, you can already run a few tests and then use kyua db-exec to issue arbitrary SQL queries against the database; the schema (see store/schema.sql) might look a bit convoluted, but a bunch of NATURAL JOINs will yield the desired output.

The feature requests that have the highest priority at this point are the ability to generate a report of the last tests run both as a text file and as an HTML dashboard, because having these features means we can finally kill the atf-run and atf-report pair. At this point I'm, once again, "stuck" while figuring out how to best organize the code to make all these things possible while still keeping a nice separation across the existing layers (cli, engine and store)... all without introducing much unnecessary complexity. But exciting times lie ahead!

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