I only have one thing to report this week, but oh boy it's big: the report command finally reports the results of a run of a test suite! Yes, you heard well: Kyua is, finally, able to keep a record of all the previous executions of test suites and allows you to extract reports of any of them a posteriori.

At the moment, the report is just some disorganized plain-text.  For example:

$ kyua test
[... wait for the tests to run ...]
Committed action 82
$ kyua report
===> Skipped tests
[... too long to show ...]
===> Expected failures
integration/cmd_report_test:output__console__change_file  ->
    expected_failure: --output not implemented yet:
    atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details
===> Failed tests
store/transaction_test:put_test_case__ok  ->
    failed: Line 663: stmt.step() not met
===> Summary
Action: 82
Test cases: 934 total, 15 skipped, 1 expected failures,
0 broken, 1 failed

I'm now working on changing the database schema to be able to really store all the data about test cases, because at the moment I'm only storing their names. Once all the original data is stored, the report command will have lots more information to work with, and then will be the time to start improving the format of the reports. As mentioned earlier, having interactive HTML dashboards is high in the priority list, and a very important goal of Kyua altogether.

Stay tuned :-)