My goal for this past week was to change the database layer to be able to store full definitions of the test cases, and to later be able to load these while scanning an action. This is to allow the report command to provide all kinds of information about the executed tests, not just their names and their results. However, adding this functionality has proven to be more complex than I wished because the current types to represent test programs and test cases are kinda broken: that the abstractions chosen a while ago do not seem to be appropriate, and this is complicating further changes.

Due to this, I ended up doing some cleanups. First, I reimplemented the way in which test programs that fail to list their test cases are represented. And second, I got rid of the useless test_case_id class, which exposed even further problems in the data types that represent test cases.

It's now time to sit and think if the current representations of test programs and test cases make sense and, if not, how to better redo them. Not going to be easy, but I hope to have some time for this cleanup during this upcoming week.