• Some more work towards allowing storing and loading of full test case definitions (which in turn will allow us to provide detailed HTML reports). I have local changes that do this, but they are gated by the lack of some additional tests and probably some optimizations, because they slow down kyua report significantly. Regarding commits, I have only submitted some related cleanup-changes.
  • I got distracted by invalid Doxygen comments and traced down why they were not being correctly validated (which is the whole point of running Doxygen during the build). It turns out I had to enable some extra EXTRACT_* settings in the Doxyfile. After doing so, I realized there are many, many documentation problems in the code... and I have been fixing them since. It's a tough operation, but I'm more than half-way through already. To give you an idea, the current diffstat shows about 650 new comment lines (!).

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