Some significant improvements this week:
  • Finally submitted the code to store and load full test case definitions. This is quite tricky (and currently very, very ugly) but it works and it will allow the reports to include all kinds of information from the test cases.
  • Removed the Atffiles from the tree; yay! For a long time, I had been using atf-run to run broken tests because atf-run allowed me to watch the output of the test case being debugged. However, this has been unnecessary since the introduction of the debug command in late August. I now feel confident that these files can go. (And debug is much more powerful than atf-run because you can target a single test case instead of a whole test program.)
  • Some crazy work attempting to hide the name of SQLite types from the sqlite::statement interface. I've been only able to do so somewhat decently for bind, but all my attempts at doing the same with column result in horrible code so far. So no, such changes have not been submitted.
  • As of a few minutes ago, kyua test now records the output of the test cases (stdout and stderr) into the database. These will be invaluable for debugging of test cases, particularly when the reports are posted online.
  • Some preliminary work at implementing HTML reports. This, however, has not received much progress due to the previous item requiring completion.
I'm quite excited at this point. HTML reports are a few weeks away at most. Once that happens, it will be time to start considering replacing the atf-run / atf-report duo for good, particularly within NetBSD. This will certainly not be easy... but all the work that has gone into Kyua so far has this sole goal!