• Released ATF 0.15 and imported it into NetBSD.
  • Added support for integer/float printf-like modifiers to the utils::format module. These will be required to beautify size and time quantities in the reports and error messages.
    • I spent way more time than I wanted on this. At first, I attempted to use std::snprintf to parse and process the format modifiers for integers and floats so that I could avoid implementing a custom parser for them. While this sounds like a cool idea (yay, code reuse!), it resulted in a ugly, nasty and horrible mess. In the end, I just ended up implementing custom parsing of the formatters, which was way easier and "good enough" for Kyua's needs.
  • Started work on backporting ATF's new require.memory property into Kyua. This needs having a way to parse and format byte quantities in user-friendly forms (e.g. 1k, 2m, etc.)... hence the previous work on utils::format!
  • Set up a Google+ Page for Kyua. I have no idea what to use it for yet. Maybe the status reports should go in there. Ideas?

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