A few months ago, I introduced the Lutok project, a simple C++ API for Lua. To recap: the major goal of this API, which does not mimic the Lua C API bit by bit, is to enforce correct coding practices on the client side. This is done by (ab)using the RAII programming pattern to automatically free resources when not needed and to ensure that the Lua stack is correctly managed. The library also adheres to common C++ programming idioms and exposes exceptions for error management and uses the pimpl idiom to completely hide the Lua C API from clients of Lutok (unless you use the c_gate backdoor!).

Today, I am pleased to announce that the first formal release of Lutok, obviously named 0.1, is available for download! You can obtain this release by visiting the lutok-0.1.tar.gz download page.

Also, in preparation for this release, I have spent the weekend writing some little example programs to demonstrate the usage of Lutok, and also some installation instructions.

Hope you find this release useful and please do send me any comments you may have!

Hint: Yes, releasing Lutok 0.1 was a prerequisite for Kyua 0.3. So stay tuned ;-)