Dear readers,

I am pleased to announce that Kyua 0.3 is available!

The major feature in this release is the introduction of the "test results store"; i.e. a SQLite3-based database that records all test execution activity so that reports can be gathered in a central machine and reports generated out of it. This is still very experimental and the generated reports are quite rudimentary, but is a first step towards this direction.

The Kyua 0.3 release page provides links to the download as well as the list of major changes in this new release.

It has been a really long time since the 0.2 release. I wanted to postpone 0.3 until HTML reports were ready, but I have not had the time to implement this for a while already. Instead of postponing the release even further, I have decided to create it right now and then take the time to create nice reports separately. Additionally, I am planning on doing some repository changes and wanted to do them without an imminent release along the way.

The package in pkgsrc has been updated and now I'm working on bringing binary packages to Fedora.