A couple of things happened this week:

  • Spent quite a few time researching the idea of moving away from Monotone and Subversion to Git. I haven't made a decision yet, but I'm pretty convinced this is the right way to go. It will simplify development significantly, it will allow me to code offline (have a bunch of really long flights coming), and it will lower the entry barrier to Kyua by making all components use the same, mainstream VCS.
  • Implemented filtering by result type of the test case results in the textual reports.
I think it is time to prepare a 0.3 release. I wanted to wait until we had HTML reports in place, but this will require significant effort and I have been postponing the implementation for too long already. As it is now, the current codebase provides major changes since the ancient 0.2 release and it is worth a release. Then, we can create packages for NetBSD and Fedora instead of continuing to add new features, which should be a good step in giving further visibility to the project. Finally, we can reserve HTML reporting as the major feature for 0.4 :-)