Dear users of NetBSD,

I am pleased to announce that we (well, the release engineering team!) have just tagged the netbsd-6 branch in the CVS repository and thus opened the gate for testing of NetBSD 6.0_BETA. New binary snapshots should start appearing in the daily FTP archive soon. You can, of course, perform a cvs update -r netbsd-6 on your existing source tree and roll your own binaries (as I'm already doing on my home server).

Please help us make NetBSD 6.0 the best release ever! As you may already know, it will provide tons of new features compared to the ancient 5.x release series that will make your user experience much better. The branch just needs a bit of love to shake out any critical bugs that may be left and to ensure that all those annoying cosmetic issues are corrected. So, if you find any of those, do not hesitate to file a problem report (PR).

Thank you!