Lately, three long trips (5 hours in a bus, and 6 and 10 hours in two planes) have allowed me to work on the long-promised HTML reporting feature of Kyua. The result of these three trips is, effectively, the ability to generate HTML reports for specific test actions!

The current results are extremely rudimentary (they lack tons of would-be-useful information) and not that aesthetically pleasing. However, the database already records enough information to make these reports more useful and pretty, so "all that is left" is coming up with the necessary code to extract such information in an efficient way and spending time creating a visually-nicer appearance. None of these are as trivial as they sound, but I prefer to work one step at a time (i.e. coming up first with a very rough draft and improve it later) rather than keeping the feature private until it is "perfect".

Without further ado, you can take a look at the report of the execution of the NetBSD test suite. This output comes from my NetBSD-current virtual machine, and I've set up a couple of cron jobs to keep it up to date. (If the "action X" in the title does not increase periodically, you will know that something is broken on my side. I found that the VM already crashed, so I don't know for how long it will run now after a restart...)