That’s it! After two months worth of posts, it is time to part with the the readability series. We have covered a lot of ground with these 14 posts: from mundane things such as blank lines and spelling to deeper topics involving dictionaries and global state.

Before some parting words, here comes the full list of posts on this series. This is your time to catch up with any posts you have not yet read!

And while we say goodbye to this series, there will surely be more posts on this topic in the future. If you are interested, just keep an eye on the readability label for updates.

So what’s next? The backlog of post ideas has grown quite a bit during this time. Among these, there is another series lined up in the queue and a lot of standalone posts to keep you entertained. The topics vary heavily and the order in which they come out is not yet set.

To conclude: let me say that I did enjoy writing this content and that I hope that some of the guidelines given here have proven useful to you. Have they? And: do you enjoy topic-specific series?