Yesterday was release day: I pushed out Lutok 0.3, Kyua Testers 0.2 and Kyua CLI 0.8.

There are not a lot of changes in these new releases. The reason I cut them was to publish the new TAP-compliant tester and make it available for use in FreeBSD as soon as possible. I will be using this new feature as part of the FreeBSD Test Suite in order to hook existing test programs without having to rewrite them to use the ATF libraries (or at least not as a first step).

The release process of all these components is way more cumbersome than I would like. Part of it is the fact that I maintain the corresponding packages in NetBSD and Fedora, and publishing new releases means having to deal with these packages as well. The overall work is not hard, but it's very monotonous (aka a candidate for automation) and is gated by long build wait times here and there that make the process feel too long.

The other more important part of my concerns comes from the version scheme of Kyua and its components. This is something that is turning out to be very confusing: whereas I'd like to be able to say "hey, you are using Kyua X.Y", now you have to think about which specific versions of which components you have and see if they play well together. Watch out for an upcoming post describing a possible improvement.