For a couple of years or so, I have been hosting my open source projects in Google Code. The time to jump ship has come.

The major reason for this move is that Google Code stopped supporting file downloads three weeks ago. This is unfortunate given that "binary" releases are a must for proper software distribution. Sure, I could use a third-party service like Bintray to offer the downloads, but I'd rather consolidate all project data in a single location.

With this, I am moving to GitHub. "Why not <insert-your-favorite-hosting> though?" Because Google prefers us to put Google-sponsored open source projects in GitHub, and all the work I do now is sponsored by my employer as part of my 20% time. (Yes, 20% time still exists even if people out there may try to convince you otherwise.)

GitHub was already hosting some projects of my own (including sysbuild and sysupgrade), so the remaining (Lutok, ATF and Kyua) will move as well. In fact, Lutok was already moved a few days ago as an experiment and I am working on ATF as we speak.

Moving Kyua will be a little bit trickier given that Kyua is composed of more than one Git repository. I still have to decide which of the two options I have in mind is better, so stay tuned for a follow-up post detailing my thoughts.

Fortunately, because there is no VCS change with this move, the move should be pretty much transparent (unlike the move years ago out of Monotone). The biggest downside may be moving the issue tracker, and that's something I'm just starting to think about.

Stay tuned and consider the current GitHub repositories an experiment.