During the course of this year, I have experimented with writing internal long-form “opinion” posts at Google. In doing so, I have also experimented with posting such content in Google+ instead of in a blog, and the results have been quite satisfying: content posted in this way received much more engagement than a post hosting just a link to an equivalent external document.

Unfortunately, Google+’s formatting features are extremely limited, and composing such long posts within its editor is painful. For this reason, I wrote a tool called md2gplus which would take a Markdown-formatted document with limited markup and convert it to a Google+ post. This tool has been helpful in making it easier for me to write such articles and also has improved the visual quality of the results.

Today, I am open-sourcing the md2gplus tool under the Markdown2Social project and you can find it both in GitHub and in PyPI:



This new tool is very rudimentary and of very limited usage, but I hope you might find it useful! If you do, please let me know.