This message is directed at those of you who have kindly subscribed to this blog via email. And if you never did but are reading this anyway, I’d like to invite you to subscribe now via the links below! Your engagement is what keeps me interested in posting.

Up until now, I had been using FeedBurner to offer you email notifications on new posts. FeedBurner was acquired by Google in 2007, and if you have taken a look at its interface, you may have noticed that it hasn’t changed at all since then. Google recently announced that they would be turning down core features of the platform—which, you know, is not surprising. What’s surprising is that it has taken them this long to do this.

Anyhow. This means that I cannot continue to use FeedBurner to bring you notifications over email. Fortunately, I’ve found a different service called that provides similar features. I have migrated all existing confirmed subscriptions to that service, and I’m expecting that if you had previously subscribed via FeedBurner, you will receive a new notification via this channel with the contents of this post.

If you dislike the migration for any reason, now is the time to unsubscribe via the links in the email you are reading this from. Otherwise, I’ll be more than happy for you to stick around 😀

Thank you!