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First things first: my full name is Julio Manuel Merino Vidal but I usually go for its shorter form: Julio Merino. I was born in 1984 in Barcelona, Spain, where I spent all of my childhood and went through graduate studies. In 2009 I moved to Dublin, Ireland, for a couple of years; then to New York City in 2011; and finally to Redmond, WA in 2020. I am married and have two kids.

My alias across the web is jmmv, which stands for the initials of my full name. I started using this alias back in the very early 2000s when IRC was popular.

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Software developer

My primary job and hobby are both centered around software development. My expertise is in production backends, Unix-like operating systems, and build systems. I thoroughly enjoy writing Rust and designing easily testable systems, but I'm also fluent in C++, Go, Python, and shell scripting to name a few.

I have authored many Open Source projects and contributed to a few existing ones, including NetBSD, Gnome, and FreeBSD. Although I know Linux, I am a BSD "believer". These days, my free time goes mosty into a EndBASIC, a fun little project I want to use to teach programming to (my) kids.

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Engineer at work

I am a Software Engineer by profession. At work I am recognized for "seeing the forest and the trees", writing comprehensive designs, authoring clean code, developing extensive test suites, and steadily delivering results with attention to the finest detail. I enjoy working on infrastructure-level software and my "motto" is simple: production software can be beautiful; you just need to hold it to the same high standards as you would user-visible products.

I am currently employed by Snowflake as a Senior Software Engineer 2 who works in Developer Experience Productivity. I was previously employed by Microsoft as a Principal Software Engineer in Azure Storage, and by Google as a Software Engineer in Bazel and a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) in internal and cloud storage systems.

Am I available for hire and/or long-term freelance work? Maybe. Ask me. Sell me your project.

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Writer as time permits

I enjoy writing essays on software development, ranging from personal experiences to opinion pieces (with varying degrees of "success"). My blog has been alive since 2004 and has moved around quite a bit, but this site is where I collect all originals.

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