Writer by hobby, typically covering programming topics. No fiction.


Author of various Open Source projects and contributor to many more. BSD enthusiast. Motto: production software can be beautiful.


Senior Software Engineer and, previously, Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Google.


Reachable via all the traditional contact mechanisms and the major social networks. Keep reading.


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My full name is Julio Manuel Merino Vidal but I usually go for its shorter form: Julio Merino. I was born in 1984 in Barcelona, Spain, and spent most of my life there. In 2009 I moved to Dublin, Ireland, for a couple of years and since 2011 I live in New York City with my wife and our two kids.

The site you are in is my homepage. This vanity site exists as a hub to my various online profiles and the many creations of mine so that you can get a quick picture of who I am and what my work looks like. Use the top navigation bar to access the various sections. If you must know, this site is built using the Hugo static content management system, uses Twitter Bootstrap for visual styling, and is hosted on GitHub.

My alias across the web is, in general, jmmv, which stands for the initials of my full name. For those sites that insist on using longer usernames to prevent spam (sigh), I use other arbitrary combinations of my name.


You can reach me via any of the following social media sites:

Or, if you prefer the real thing:

About is my family's domain. The name comes from a contraction of Merino, my last name, and Oh, my wife's last name. Any of us can be reached by email at <first-name>