2024 — 8 posts

TitleReading time
April 2024 — 1 post
2024-04-26Porting the EndBASIC console to an LCD16 minutes
March 2024 — 1 post
2024-03-09How "new type" helps avoid production outages4 minutes
February 2024 — 4 posts
2024-02-29Links: February 2024 edition8 minutes
2024-02-21To C or not to C4 minutes
2024-02-14Running GNU on DOS with DJGPP20 minutes
2024-02-07Beyond the 1 MB barrier in DOS24 minutes
January 2024 — 2 posts
2024-01-31Links: January 2024 edition7 minutes
2024-01-17From 0 to 1 MB in DOS18 minutes

2023 — 34 posts

TitleReading time
December 2023 — 6 posts
2023-12-31Links: December 2023 edition7 minutes
2023-12-25The IDEs we had 30 years ago... and we lost12 minutes
2023-12-21Bazel interview at Software Engineering Daily5 minutes
2023-12-15Hard disk LEDs and noisy machines5 minutes
2023-12-08A CLI text editor? In my Windows?7 minutes
2023-12-03Strings, encodings, NULs and Bazel4 minutes
November 2023 — 6 posts
2023-11-30Links: November 2023 edition12 minutes
2023-11-24Windows NT: Peeking into the cradle16 minutes
2023-11-21Code reviews: A success story4 minutes
2023-11-17SSH agent forwarding and tmux done right9 minutes
2023-11-10Why do I know shell, and how can you?7 minutes
2023-11-04End-to-end tool testing with Bazel and shtk7 minutes
October 2023 — 7 posts
2023-10-31Links: October 2023 edition5 minutes
2023-10-30BazelCon 2023 et al. trip report15 minutes
2023-10-27Hello, Blog System/5!3 minutes
2023-10-20Build farm visualizations10 minutes
2023-10-11Unit-testing shell scripts and tools with shtk12 minutes
2023-10-07Analyzing OOMs in IntelliJ with Bazel9 minutes
2023-10-065 ways to instantiate Rust structs in tests10 minutes
September 2023 — 1 post
2023-09-08Good performance is not just big O6 minutes
August 2023 — 5 posts
2023-08-31Costs exposed: Frameworks7 minutes
2023-08-26Costs exposed: On-call ticket handling7 minutes
2023-08-23Costs exposed: Monorepo vs. multirepo6 minutes
2023-08-16Raspberry Pi 3, rfkill, and real root causing11 minutes
2023-08-06A failed experiment with Rust static dispatch13 minutes
July 2023 — 2 posts
2023-07-07Unit-testing a web service in Rust19 minutes
2023-07-01ldd(1) and untrusted binaries6 minutes
June 2023 — 4 posts
2023-06-27Fast machines, slow machines16 minutes
2023-06-23A persistent task queue in Rust17 minutes
2023-06-20MVC but for non-UI apps8 minutes
2023-06-16In-house email subscriptions5 minutes
March 2023 — 2 posts
2023-03-16Addressing Bazel OOMs16 minutes
2023-03-13Introducing III-IV7 minutes
January 2023 — 1 post
2023-01-13BASIC parsing difficulties in EndBASIC14 minutes

2022 — 32 posts

TitleReading time
December 2022 — 1 post
2022-12-27EndBASIC 0.10: Core language, evolved5 minutes
November 2022 — 1 post
2022-11-22From AST to bytecode execution in EndBASIC9 minutes
October 2022 — 1 post
2022-10-31Farewell, Microsoft; hello, Snowflake!10 minutes
July 2022 — 1 post
2022-07-07Tips on formatting Markdown lists7 minutes
June 2022 — 2 posts
2022-06-17Speeding up autoconf with caching10 minutes
2022-06-05EndBASIC 0.9: Run shared demos easily7 minutes
May 2022 — 2 posts
2022-05-13Remembering Buildtool21 minutes
2022-05-06Rust is hard, yes, but does it matter?4 minutes
April 2022 — 4 posts
2022-04-29Do Rust devs hate Go devs?6 minutes
2022-04-22Rust traits and dependency injection9 minutes
2022-04-20QB64 Super Dark Blue color theme3 minutes
2022-04-12Introducing db_logger3 minutes
March 2022 — 15 posts
2022-03-28Abandoning GAFYD21 minutes
2022-03-19A year on Windows: Finale4 minutes
2022-03-18A year on Windows: Software installation6 minutes
2022-03-17A year on Windows: System debugging5 minutes
2022-03-16A year on Windows: Networked file systems4 minutes
2022-03-15A year on Windows: PowerShell7 minutes
2022-03-14A year on Windows: Development experience5 minutes
2022-03-13A year on Windows: Miscellaneous tools4 minutes
2022-03-12A year on Windows: PowerToys5 minutes
2022-03-11A year on Windows: Window switching6 minutes
2022-03-10A year on Windows: Look'n'feel5 minutes
2022-03-09A year on Windows: Input methods5 minutes
2022-03-08A year on Windows: Keyboard shortcuts7 minutes
2022-03-07A year on Windows: Introduction4 minutes
2022-03-01Windows 10 on a Mac Pro 201313 minutes
February 2022 — 4 posts
2022-02-27Configuring SSH access into WSL 1 and WSL 27 minutes
2022-02-24My story with Windows12 minutes
2022-02-16Comments are back and other news4 minutes
2022-02-01DIY web analytics13 minutes
January 2022 — 1 post
2022-01-10Fair on-call scheduling10 minutes

2021 — 22 posts

TitleReading time
November 2021 — 2 posts
2021-11-24Constructors and evil initializers in C++8 minutes
2021-11-11EndBASIC 0.8: Now, with graphics!3 minutes
August 2021 — 2 posts
2021-08-25Useless use of GNU12 minutes
2021-08-12Should the browser use all available memory?13 minutes
July 2021 — 5 posts
2021-07-14Principal engineers should be on-call4 minutes
2021-07-12Definitions and initializations in C++11 minutes
2021-07-07macOS keyboard shortcuts for Windows8 minutes
2021-07-03EndBASIC 0.7: Hello, cloud!9 minutes
2021-07-02From FeedBurner to follow.it2 minutes
June 2021 — 1 post
2021-06-18Running a healthy production service4 minutes
April 2021 — 2 posts
2021-04-20On software deadlines3 minutes
2021-04-12Always be quitting4 minutes
March 2021 — 2 posts
2021-03-12Defining build time SLIs and SLOs16 minutes
2021-03-10Tips on well-being while on-call4 minutes
February 2021 — 3 posts
2021-02-26How does Google keep build times low?11 minutes
2021-02-19EndBASIC 0.6 release announcement8 minutes
2021-02-05Seeding a file server quickly6 minutes
January 2021 — 5 posts
2021-01-26Embedding EndBASIC into a (Rust) program7 minutes
2021-01-24EndBASIC 0.5 release announcement3 minutes
2021-01-19Why am I wasting time on EndBASIC?4 minutes
2021-01-11Prevent accidental commits with DO NOT SUBMIT5 minutes
2021-01-08Enforcing code health via GitHub Actions9 minutes

2020 — 36 posts

TitleReading time
December 2020 — 4 posts
2020-12-31How does Google avoid clean builds?20 minutes
2020-12-25EndBASIC 0.4 release announcement13 minutes
2020-12-08Unit-testing a console app (a text editor)16 minutes
2020-12-04Using the builder pattern to define test scenarios6 minutes
November 2020 — 5 posts
2020-11-29EndBASIC 0.3 is here2 minutes
2020-11-23What makes an article succeed (or not)?11 minutes
2020-11-13Windows Subsystem for Linux: The lost potential8 minutes
2020-11-07Updating Google Domains from DD-WRT6 minutes
2020-11-02Argument processing in Unix and Windows12 minutes
October 2020 — 5 posts
2020-10-30Configuring Windows for key-based SSH access7 minutes
2020-10-28Flags parsing in PowerShell (vs. Unix)7 minutes
2020-10-23My interviews with Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft21 minutes
2020-10-19Farewell, Google; hello, Microsoft!13 minutes
2020-10-09The final boss: Bazel's own JNI code13 minutes
September 2020 — 2 posts
2020-09-18Bazel output streaming, Ctrl+C, and test flakiness9 minutes
2020-09-01Bazel UI locking and file downloads12 minutes
August 2020 — 6 posts
2020-08-26pkgdb belongs in libdata, not var7 minutes
2020-08-24rc.d belongs in libexec, not etc8 minutes
2020-08-21A tour of directories as system-wide databases12 minutes
2020-08-17Configuration files and .d directories9 minutes
2020-08-13Internships para estudiantes españoles8 minutes
2020-08-04Down the memory lane with OS/27 minutes
July 2020 — 2 posts
2020-07-17My 18 steps to prepare a great presentation4 minutes
2020-07-13My 18 tips to deliver great presentations4 minutes
June 2020 — 2 posts
2020-06-12Shipping Bazel's new dynamic scheduler10 minutes
2020-06-01Black Lives Matter2 minutes
May 2020 — 3 posts
2020-05-30Bridging the web gap in EndBASIC7 minutes
2020-05-29Running codesign over SSH with a new key3 minutes
2020-05-07EndBASIC 0.2.0 is here6 minutes
April 2020 — 2 posts
2020-04-27What is Rust's Into<T> for?4 minutes
2020-04-22Hello, EndBASIC!3 minutes
March 2020 — 2 posts
2020-03-25test, [, and [[5 minutes
2020-03-23macOS terminal stalls running a binary6 minutes
February 2020 — 1 post
2020-02-03FOSDEM navigation 1016 minutes
January 2020 — 2 posts
2020-01-24Ensuring system rewrites are truly necessary7 minutes
2020-01-17The OSXFUSE, hard links, and dladdr puzzle13 minutes

2019 — 24 posts

TitleReading time
December 2019 — 8 posts
2019-12-31Tree artifacts and transient files4 minutes
2019-12-31Lifting the local lock for dynamic execution4 minutes
2019-12-30Artifact downloads and dynamic execution5 minutes
2019-12-27Output conflicts and dynamic execution4 minutes
2019-12-26Bazel's dynamic strategy3 minutes
2019-12-23How does Bazel track local resource usage?5 minutes
2019-12-20Introduction to Bazel's dynamic execution3 minutes
2019-12-14What are Bazel's strategies?6 minutes
November 2019 — 6 posts
2019-11-20The /bin/bash baggage of macOS4 minutes
2019-11-15Waiting for process groups, macOS edition8 minutes
2019-11-14Waiting for process groups, Linux edition4 minutes
2019-11-12Waiting for process groups, introduction6 minutes
2019-11-08Bazel's process-wrapper helper tool6 minutes
2019-11-01A quick glance at macOS' sandbox-exec3 minutes
October 2019 — 1 post
2019-10-11Resurrected ONLamp.com articles1 minute
September 2019 — 2 posts
2019-09-27Sample REST interface in Rust and Go16 minutes
2019-09-21Safely restoring the previous working directory3 minutes
March 2019 — 2 posts
2019-03-22Optimizing tree deletions in Bazel4 minutes
2019-03-06Darwin's QoS service classes and performance6 minutes
February 2019 — 3 posts
2019-02-22Using setenv equals setting global variables4 minutes
2019-02-07Encode your assumptions4 minutes
2019-02-05Hello, sandboxfs 0.1.07 minutes
January 2019 — 2 posts
2019-01-29Open files limit, macOS, and the JVM3 minutes
2019-01-22On smartphones and email procrastination4 minutes

2018 — 25 posts

TitleReading time
July 2018 — 3 posts
2018-07-24The fallacy of forbidding assertions5 minutes
2018-07-13Rust vs. Go13 minutes
2018-07-10Rust review: Closing thoughts5 minutes
June 2018 — 7 posts
2018-06-22Rust review: The ecosystem4 minutes
2018-06-19Rust review: The book4 minutes
2018-06-15Rust review: The match keyword3 minutes
2018-06-12Rust review: Expressions, expressions, expressions4 minutes
2018-06-08Rust review: Learning curve4 minutes
2018-06-05Rust review: Protect the data5 minutes
2018-06-01Rust review: The borrow checker3 minutes
May 2018 — 2 posts
2018-05-29Rust review: Immutable by default3 minutes
2018-05-25Rust review: Introduction3 minutes
April 2018 — 2 posts
2018-04-30A few extra system calls... and you lose 1% build time4 minutes
2018-04-13Preliminary sandboxfs support in Bazel2 minutes
March 2018 — 8 posts
2018-03-27Stick to your project's core language in your tests3 minutes
2018-03-19A case for writing Bazel's integration tests in Java, part 212 minutes
2018-03-16A case for writing Bazel's integration tests in Java, part 114 minutes
2018-03-13Shell readability: local5 minutes
2018-03-09Shell readability: strict mode6 minutes
2018-03-05Don't rollback rollbacks5 minutes
2018-03-03My self-powered commute3 minutes
2018-03-02Shell readability: function parameters3 minutes
February 2018 — 3 posts
2018-02-26Shell readability: main2 minutes
2018-02-24From Jekyll to Hugo6 minutes
2018-02-19Looking to replace Jekyll8 minutes

2017 — 6 posts

TitleReading time
October 2017 — 1 post
2017-10-06Fighting execs via sandboxfs on macOS10 minutes
August 2017 — 1 post
2017-08-25Introducing sandboxfs2 minutes
July 2017 — 1 post
2017-07-30Introducing sourcachefs2 minutes
February 2017 — 3 posts
2017-02-23Easy pkgsrc on macOS with pkg_comp 2.06 minutes
2017-02-18Keeping NetBSD up-to-date with pkg_comp 2.06 minutes
2017-02-17Introducing pkg_comp 2.0 (and sandboxctl 1.0)7 minutes

2016 — 8 posts

TitleReading time
September 2016 — 1 post
2016-09-14#! /usr/bin/env considered harmful5 minutes
May 2016 — 1 post
2016-05-29Welcome to my homepage, version 3.04 minutes
April 2016 — 1 post
2016-04-19Visual Studio Code: A modern editor6 minutes
March 2016 — 2 posts
2016-03-22A look at Go from a newbie's perspective10 minutes
2016-03-02Those pesky Makefiles7 minutes
February 2016 — 1 post
2016-02-17Analysis of SSHFS performance for large builds11 minutes
January 2016 — 2 posts
2016-01-28The Medium experiment wrap-up5 minutes
2016-01-19Joining the Blaze team3 minutes

2015 — 17 posts

TitleReading time
December 2015 — 2 posts
2015-12-17Introducing Nudgy Timer3 minutes
2015-12-10Introducing Markdown2Social1 minute
October 2015 — 2 posts
2015-10-23Compilers in the (BSD) base system5 minutes
2015-10-22Welcome to my homepage, version 2.0!1 minute
September 2015 — 3 posts
2015-09-24An open letter to online support staff3 minutes
2015-09-20"Your English is pretty good!", they said9 minutes
2015-09-07My coding workflow11 minutes
June 2015 — 2 posts
2015-06-19How to commit a code hack and not perish along the way6 minutes
2015-06-06Get a handle on email subscriptions8 minutes
May 2015 — 3 posts
2015-05-26Six years at Google9 minutes
2015-05-24Hello, Medium!9 minutes
2015-05-21Offloading maintenance tasks to Travis CI8 minutes
April 2015 — 1 post
2015-04-14On Bazel and Open Source17 minutes
March 2015 — 1 post
2015-03-20Nexus 9, focused writing, and more7 minutes
February 2015 — 3 posts
2015-02-28Kyua turns parallel5 minutes
2015-02-16Unused parameters in C and C++6 minutes
2015-02-05One month in with Android Wear7 minutes

2014 — 12 posts

TitleReading time
November 2014 — 2 posts
2014-11-20Task tracking and the Bullet Journal7 minutes
2014-11-17shtk 1.6 is now available2 minutes
May 2014 — 3 posts
2014-05-31Code review culture meets FreeBSD9 minutes
2014-05-23Refocusing Kyua maybe?6 minutes
2014-05-21BSDCan 2014 summary6 minutes
March 2014 — 1 post
2014-03-12GSoC 2014 idea: Port FreeBSD's old-style tests to ATF3 minutes
February 2014 — 3 posts
2014-02-15How to merge multiple Git repositories into one4 minutes
2014-02-06Moving projects to GitHub2 minutes
2014-02-05Killing the ATF deprecated tools code5 minutes
January 2014 — 3 posts
2014-01-08FreeBSD Test Suite tutorial at AsiaBSDCon 20141 minute
2014-01-05FreeBSD Test Suite goals and planning2 minutes
2014-01-01Header files: Series wrap-up1 minute

2013 — 62 posts

TitleReading time
December 2013 — 7 posts
2013-12-31Introducing the FreeBSD Test Suite4 minutes
2013-12-30Header files: Poor compilation times in C++1 minute
2013-12-27Header files: Qualify your identifiers2 minutes
2013-12-09Header files: Poor man's replacement for modules4 minutes
2013-12-08lutok-0.3, kyua-testers-0.2 and kyua-cli-0.82 minutes
2013-12-05Header files: Avoid C++ 'using' directives3 minutes
2013-12-02Header files: C++ ipp files2 minutes
November 2013 — 7 posts
2013-11-28Three productive days on the Kyua front6 minutes
2013-11-25Header files: Self-containment4 minutes
2013-11-21Header files: Multiple-inclusion protection3 minutes
2013-11-18Header files: Series introduction2 minutes
2013-11-14Patch management with Quilt8 minutes
2013-11-07How to add the Mac OS X screensaver to the dock1 minute
2013-11-04Joining the FreeBSD committer ranks5 minutes
October 2013 — 7 posts
2013-10-31Production software: Series wrap-up1 minute
2013-10-28Production software: Identifying your builds3 minutes
2013-10-24Production software: Logging7 minutes
2013-10-21Production software: Hide new features behind flags3 minutes
2013-10-17Production software: Constants will bite you3 minutes
2013-10-14Production software: Be wary of assertions3 minutes
2013-10-10Production software: Series introduction1 minute
September 2013 — 13 posts
2013-09-30EuroBSDCon 2013 takeaways6 minutes
2013-09-29Live from EuroBSDCon 2013, day 44 minutes
2013-09-28Live from EuroBSDCon 2013, day 34 minutes
2013-09-27Live from EuroBSDCon 2013, day 24 minutes
2013-09-26Live from EuroBSDCon 2013, day 13 minutes
2013-09-23Novel color scheme for xterm2 minutes
2013-09-19CLI design: Series wrap-up1 minute
2013-09-16CLI design: Consider interactive prompts twice4 minutes
2013-09-12CLI design: Screen wrapping4 minutes
2013-09-09Adding The Julipedia to Technorati1 minute
2013-09-09CLI design: Handling output messages4 minutes
2013-09-05CLI design: Single-command interfaces4 minutes
2013-09-02CLI design: Subcommand-based interfaces5 minutes
August 2013 — 9 posts
2013-08-29CLI design: Do not reinvent option parsing3 minutes
2013-08-26CLI design: Putting flags to good use5 minutes
2013-08-22CLI design: Requesting and offering help5 minutes
2013-08-19CLI design: Error reporting5 minutes
2013-08-15CLI design: The CLI is the presentation layer3 minutes
2013-08-12CLI design: Series introduction2 minutes
2013-08-08Writing good release notes2 minutes
2013-08-05Top 5 tips to write great commit log messages4 minutes
2013-08-01Readability: Series wrap-up2 minutes
July 2013 — 10 posts
2013-07-29Readability: Narrow try/catch blocks3 minutes
2013-07-28'Hello GitHub!' say shtk, sysbuild and sysupgrade3 minutes
2013-07-25Readability: Don't modify variables4 minutes
2013-07-22Readability: Conditionals as functions3 minutes
2013-07-18Readability: Explicitly state complementary conditions3 minutes
2013-07-15Putting a PowerMac G5 to good use6 minutes
2013-07-11Installing FreeBSD with a ZFS root on a PowerMac G54 minutes
2013-07-08Readability: Do not abuse classes as global state3 minutes
2013-07-04Readability: Dictionaries are not data types5 minutes
2013-07-01Readability: Abuse assertions3 minutes
June 2013 — 9 posts
2013-06-27Readability: Avoid comments5 minutes
2013-06-24Readability: Document your types3 minutes
2013-06-20Self-interview after leaving the NetBSD board14 minutes
2013-06-17Readability: Mind your typos and grammar2 minutes
2013-06-15Lutok 0.3 released2 minutes
2013-06-13Readability: No abbreviations2 minutes
2013-06-10Readability: Blank lines matter4 minutes
2013-06-06Readability: Blocks and variable scoping4 minutes
2013-06-03Readability: Series introduction2 minutes

2012 — 29 posts

TitleReading time
October 2012 — 1 post
2012-10-22Setting up my old Mac Mini G4 as a development machine3 minutes
September 2012 — 1 post
2012-09-04I don't really like C++3 minutes
August 2012 — 3 posts
2012-08-26Testing NetBSD's share/mk3 minutes
2012-08-15Introducing shtk3 minutes
2012-08-06Introducing sysupgrade for NetBSD3 minutes
July 2012 — 2 posts
2012-07-25Introducing sysbuild for NetBSD5 minutes
2012-07-05Getting rid of @public.talk.google.com GTalk contacts2 minutes
June 2012 — 2 posts
2012-06-04Kyua gets its own blog3 minutes
2012-06-02Exposing a configuration tree through Lua3 minutes
May 2012 — 3 posts
2012-05-29Type-safe, dynamic tree data type5 minutes
2012-05-28Rethinking Kyua's configuration system4 minutes
2012-05-26Kyua's configuration system showing its age3 minutes
April 2012 — 1 post
2012-04-02Kyua gets nicer console messages4 minutes
March 2012 — 1 post
2012-03-13Kyua generates its first public HTML report2 minutes
February 2012 — 10 posts
2012-02-26Projects migrated to Git3 minutes
2012-02-25Converting a Subversion repository to Git8 minutes
2012-02-24Kyua 0.3 released!1 minute
2012-02-17Encrypted disk images in NetBSD4 minutes
2012-02-15NetBSD 6.0 BETA tagged1 minute
2012-02-13Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2012-02-11Switching projects to Git8 minutes
2012-02-08A brief look into Fedora's packaging infrastructure9 minutes
2012-02-07Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2012-02-01Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
January 2012 — 5 posts
2012-01-29Lutok 0.1 available1 minute
2012-01-23Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2012-01-15Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2012-01-10Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2012-01-03Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute

2011 — 60 posts

TitleReading time
December 2011 — 4 posts
2011-12-26Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-12-19Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-12-11Kyua: Weekly status report2 minutes
2011-12-05Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
November 2011 — 4 posts
2011-11-28Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-11-20Kyua: Weekly status report2 minutes
2011-11-14Kyua: Weekly status report2 minutes
2011-11-07Kyua: Weekly status report2 minutes
October 2011 — 5 posts
2011-10-31Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-10-23Kyua: Weekly status report2 minutes
2011-10-16Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-10-09Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-10-03Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
September 2011 — 11 posts
2011-09-26Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-09-19VirtualBox and port forwarding (and Fusion)4 minutes
2011-09-18Kyua: Weekly status report (db designdoc edition!)1 minute
2011-09-17Name your C++ auto-cleaners4 minutes
2011-09-15Introducing Lutok: A lightweight C++ API for Lua2 minutes
2011-09-12Using va_copy to safely pass ap arguments around3 minutes
2011-09-12Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-09-06Diversions in Autoconf (actually, in M4sugar)3 minutes
2011-09-04Introducing 'Dirt and the City'1 minute
2011-09-04Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-09-03Splitting utils::lua from Kyua3 minutes
August 2011 — 6 posts
2011-08-28Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-08-24Kyua 0.2 released1 minute
2011-08-21Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-08-15Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-08-08Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-08-01Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
July 2011 — 4 posts
2011-07-25Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-07-18Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-07-10Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-07-05Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
June 2011 — 6 posts
2011-06-26Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-06-23Kyua 0.1 released!1 minute
2011-06-19Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-06-17Validating format strings in custom C functions2 minutes
2011-06-13Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-06-05Kyua: Weekly status report2 minutes
May 2011 — 6 posts
2011-05-29Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-05-22Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-05-22Joining the Board of Directors of The NetBSD Foundation2 minutes
2011-05-16Kyua: Weekly status report, BSDCan 2011 edition3 minutes
2011-05-08Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-05-01Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
April 2011 — 5 posts
2011-04-30Use explicit conditionals2 minutes
2011-04-24Kyua: Weekly status report2 minutes
2011-04-17Kyua: Weekly status report3 minutes
2011-04-10Kyua: Weekly status report1 minute
2011-04-03Kyua: Weekly status report2 minutes
March 2011 — 2 posts
2011-03-27Kyua: Weekly status report3 minutes
2011-03-20Kyua: Weekly status report3 minutes
January 2011 — 7 posts
2011-01-27A teeny tiny review of Twitterville2 minutes
2011-01-17Injecting C++ functions into Lua2 minutes
2011-01-14Error handling in Lua: the Kyua approach3 minutes
2011-01-08C++ interface to Lua for Kyua2 minutes
2011-01-07Error handling in Lua6 minutes
2011-01-02Understanding setjmp/longjmp3 minutes
2011-01-01Happy new year!1 minute

2010 — 26 posts

TitleReading time
December 2010 — 7 posts
2010-12-27Using RAII to clean up temporary values from a stack6 minutes
2010-12-26Dependency injection: simple class constructors4 minutes
2010-12-23Dependency injection and testing: an example5 minutes
2010-12-22Kyua: Design of the configuration system1 minute
2010-12-21Sticky bit trivia2 minutes
2010-12-17Getting the hang of Twitter searches2 minutes
2010-12-16Introducing Kyua4 minutes
September 2010 — 1 post
2010-09-03Creating atf-based tests for NetBSD src1 minute
July 2010 — 1 post
2010-07-02ATF 0.10 released1 minute
June 2010 — 2 posts
2010-06-24Testing NetBSD: Easy Does It1 minute
2010-06-18ATF 0.9 released (late announcement)1 minute
May 2010 — 5 posts
2010-05-10Trac installation for ATF1 minute
2010-05-10Ads gone1 minute
2010-05-08ATF 0.8 imported into NetBSD1 minute
2010-05-07Announcing ATF 0.81 minute
2010-05-07Announcing etcutils 0.11 minute
April 2010 — 5 posts
2010-04-24Forget about test(1)'s == operator1 minute
2010-04-22Always define an else clause for portability #ifdefs3 minutes
2010-04-21Where does Gnome use file monitoring?2 minutes
2010-04-20New gio-fam package2 minutes
2010-04-20File system monitoring, Gnome and NetBSD4 minutes
March 2010 — 3 posts
2010-03-19NetBSD in Google Summer of Code 20102 minutes
2010-03-12New version of the monotone-server package in pkgsrc2 minutes
2010-03-06Introducing the ATF nofork branch1 minute
January 2010 — 2 posts
2010-01-24set -e and set -x1 minute
2010-01-11Installing NetBSD/macppc on a Mac Mini G42 minutes

2009 — 31 posts

TitleReading time
October 2009 — 1 post
2009-10-25Processing Makefile.am with M42 minutes
September 2009 — 1 post
2009-09-23Extending sudo credentials1 minute
August 2009 — 3 posts
2009-08-31Best config setting ever1 minute
2009-08-031000 revisions for ATF1 minute
2009-08-03Books by Joel Spolsky1 minute
July 2009 — 2 posts
2009-07-27Rearchitecting ATF3 minutes
2009-07-13The mess of ATF's code4 minutes
June 2009 — 4 posts
2009-06-23Technicians and schedules2 minutes
2009-06-21Child-process management in C for ATF3 minutes
2009-06-12How to find an apartment in Dublin3 minutes
2009-06-10Trying AdSense1 minute
May 2009 — 6 posts
2009-05-14Paella in NYC1 minute
2009-05-13Mailing lists for commit notifications2 minutes
2009-05-08DEBUG.EXE dropped in Windows 72 minutes
2009-05-07Using C++ templates to optimize code3 minutes
2009-05-04Numeric limits in C++2 minutes
2009-05-04The NetBSD Blog1 minute
April 2009 — 2 posts
2009-04-02NetBSD-SoC needs your application!1 minute
2009-04-01Returning to Google1 minute
March 2009 — 4 posts
2009-03-24Comments for old posts now moderated1 minute
2009-03-23What are unnamed namespaces for in C++?2 minutes
2009-03-05Making ATF 'compiler-aware'2 minutes
2009-03-02Debug messages without using the C++ preprocessor3 minutes
January 2009 — 8 posts
2009-01-22userconf support for the boot loader2 minutes
2009-01-18ATF 0.6 released2 minutes
2009-01-15pwd_mkdb and the new time_t2 minutes
2009-01-14Windows 3.1 startup speed1 minute
2009-01-05Silencing the output of Python's subprocess.Popen2 minutes
2009-01-04Hardware (and other stuff) on sale1 minute
2009-01-02Kernel modules in NetBSD/shark (or other ARMs)2 minutes
2009-01-01Happy new 2009!1 minute

2008 — 61 posts

TitleReading time
December 2008 — 1 post
2008-12-17Live@NYC: Not any more1 minute
November 2008 — 4 posts
2008-11-26Vacations@SF: 3rd day1 minute
2008-11-25Vacations@SF: 2nd day2 minutes
2008-11-24Vacations@SF: 1st day1 minute
2008-11-22Live@NYC: Coming to an end1 minute
October 2008 — 6 posts
2008-10-26SoC 2008 Mentor Summit2 minutes
2008-10-24Live@NYC: ... or not; now in MTV!1 minute
2008-10-22C++ teaser on templates1 minute
2008-10-18Live@NYC: Prospect Park2 minutes
2008-10-18Boost.Process and SIGCHLD4 minutes
2008-10-14Live@NYC: 2 months and a half3 minutes
September 2008 — 1 post
2008-09-13Live@NYC: Almost 2 months1 minute
August 2008 — 6 posts
2008-08-20Live@NYC: Month 12 minutes
2008-08-11Live@NYC: Days 21, 22 and 232 minutes
2008-08-07Live@NYC: Day 201 minute
2008-08-07Live@NYC: Day 17, 18 and 192 minutes
2008-08-03Live@NYC: Day 161 minute
2008-08-02Live@NYC: Days 13, 14 and 152 minutes
July 2008 — 14 posts
2008-07-30Live@NYC: Day 121 minute
2008-07-30ATF talk at NYCBSDCon 20081 minute
2008-07-29Live@NYC: Day 111 minute
2008-07-28Live@NYC: Day 101 minute
2008-07-28Live@NYC: Photos1 minute
2008-07-27Live@NYC: Day 93 minutes
2008-07-26Live@NYC: Day 83 minutes
2008-07-25Live@NYC: Days 6 and 72 minutes
2008-07-24Live@NYC: Day 51 minute
2008-07-22Live@NYC: Day 42 minutes
2008-07-21Live@NYC: Day 31 minute
2008-07-20Live@NYC: Days 1 and 25 minutes
2008-07-18Recent news1 minute
2008-07-05Reinstalled Mac OS X in multiple partitions, again2 minutes
June 2008 — 3 posts
2008-06-29Blacklisting a device in HAL2 minutes
2008-06-28Desktop effects with an nVidia card and Fedora 92 minutes
2008-06-12lib64 problems2 minutes
May 2008 — 1 post
2008-05-17Twitter and other news1 minute
April 2008 — 3 posts
2008-04-15Lost 4x051 minute
2008-04-12Back to Stone Age2 minutes
2008-04-05NetBSD talk at Isla Cristina2 minutes
March 2008 — 3 posts
2008-03-30New Apple keyboard1 minute
2008-03-22Problems booting Debian on the PS32 minutes
2008-03-19Google Summer of Code 2008 and NetBSD2 minutes
February 2008 — 9 posts
2008-02-28Software bloat, 23 minutes
2008-02-24ATF's error handling in C2 minutes
2008-02-18Rewriting parts of ATF in C2 minutes
2008-02-08C++: Little teaser about std::set1 minute
2008-02-05BenQ RMA adventures, part 21 minute
2008-02-04ATF 0.4 released1 minute
2008-02-04Home-made build farm3 minutes
2008-02-03unlink(2) can actually remove directories2 minutes
2008-02-02Linux is just an implementation detail2 minutes
January 2008 — 10 posts
2008-01-31Interview on NetBSD 41 minute
2008-01-30BenQ RMA adventures, part 13 minutes
2008-01-18A request to virtualization software developers4 minutes
2008-01-17Testing the process-tree killing algorithm3 minutes
2008-01-16How to kill a tree of processes3 minutes
2008-01-15Implementing timeouts for test cases3 minutes
2008-01-06Got a BenQ FP241W Z flat panel2 minutes
2008-01-0524' widescreen comparison1 minute
2008-01-03Interferences in CVS tagging2 minutes
2008-01-01Welcome, 20081 minute

2007 — 86 posts

TitleReading time
December 2007 — 4 posts
2007-12-31Choosing a 24' widescreen monitor5 minutes
2007-12-09Ministry of silly walks1 minute
2007-12-07Past days' work1 minute
2007-12-02Thanks, SystemTap!2 minutes
November 2007 — 7 posts
2007-11-28Dying MacBook Pro battery2 minutes
2007-11-25Hello world in Linux/ppc642 minutes
2007-11-18Mad at the Cell SDK5 minutes
2007-11-16Fixing id's command line parsing2 minutes
2007-11-12ATF imported into NetBSD1 minute
2007-11-11ATF 0.3 released1 minute
2007-11-05Games: Resistance: Fall of Man2 minutes
October 2007 — 2 posts
2007-10-14Got it! (The PS3)2 minutes
2007-10-05Considering to buy a PS33 minutes
September 2007 — 8 posts
2007-09-24ATF meets XML1 minute
2007-09-20ATF 0.2 released1 minute
2007-09-11Getting started with Cocoa1 minute
2007-09-09TV series: Jericho1 minute
2007-09-08Me @ deviantART1 minute
2007-09-05Serial console cable for an old Mac1 minute
2007-09-03New camera (and current desktop)2 minutes
2007-09-01Weird laptop keyboard2 minutes
August 2007 — 6 posts
2007-08-26Random MacBook Pro notes2 minutes
2007-08-20SoC: Second preview of NetBSD with ATF1 minute
2007-08-20SoC: Some statistics2 minutes
2007-08-20SoC: ATF 0.1 released1 minute
2007-08-15SoC: Status report3 minutes
2007-08-08SoC: First preview of NetBSD with ATF1 minute
July 2007 — 15 posts
2007-07-28Hibernating a Mac2 minutes
2007-07-28SoC: Status report2 minutes
2007-07-27Processor speed and desktop usage3 minutes
2007-07-22Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion3 minutes
2007-07-21Death star!1 minute
2007-07-20SoC: ATF self-testing2 minutes
2007-07-17Daggy fixes (in Monotone)2 minutes
2007-07-16Recovering two old Macs3 minutes
2007-07-16SoC: Web site for ATF1 minute
2007-07-15SoC: Converting NetBSD 'regress' tests2 minutes
2007-07-14Book: Producing Open Source Software2 minutes
2007-07-10SoC: Code is public now1 minute
2007-07-06Degree completed1 minute
2007-07-02SoC: Short-term planning2 minutes
2007-07-01New Processor preferences panel in Mac OS X1 minute
June 2007 — 15 posts
2007-06-30SoC: The atf-run tool2 minutes
2007-06-28SoC: Prototypes for basename and dirname2 minutes
2007-06-27SoC: Start of the atf tools2 minutes
2007-06-26SoC: A quote2 minutes
2007-06-25SoC: Project name2 minutes
2007-06-24SoC: Getting started3 minutes
2007-06-23Ohloh, an open source directory1 minute
2007-06-22tmpfs added to FreeBSD1 minute
2007-06-21Six months with the MacBook Pro3 minutes
2007-06-19PFC report almost ready2 minutes
2007-06-12NetBSD's website redesign2 minutes
2007-06-09Compiler-level parallelization and languages3 minutes
2007-06-07Flattening an array of arrays2 minutes
2007-06-04Is assembly code faster than C?3 minutes
2007-06-02Mac tutorials at ScreenCasts Online1 minute
May 2007 — 4 posts
2007-05-27Keeping pkgsrc packages up to date4 minutes
2007-05-24Piled Higher and Deeper1 minute
2007-05-20Monotone's help rewrite merged1 minute
2007-05-19Talk about Git1 minute
April 2007 — 10 posts
2007-04-29pkgsrcCon 2007 report2 minutes
2007-04-23Monotone's help rewrite2 minutes
2007-04-12SoC: Selected again!1 minute
2007-04-11Problems with locales?1 minute
2007-04-10Mounting volumes on Mac OS X's startup3 minutes
2007-04-09How to disable journaling on a HFS+ volume2 minutes
2007-04-08Games: Doom 3: Resurrection of evil2 minutes
2007-04-07Fixing EXIF date information2 minutes
2007-04-02Cross-platform development with Parallels2 minutes
2007-04-01Cursa Bombers 20071 minute
March 2007 — 8 posts
2007-03-24Games: Doom 32 minutes
2007-03-17NTFS read/write support for Mac OS X2 minutes
2007-03-16Building an updated kernel for the PS35 minutes
2007-03-15X11 mode-line generator2 minutes
2007-03-14Building the libspe2 on the PS33 minutes
2007-03-08NetBSD and SoC 20071 minute
2007-03-02Article on Multiboot and NetBSD1 minute
2007-03-01Making NetBSD Multiboot-Compatible13 minutes
February 2007 — 1 post
2007-02-22ICB support added to Colloquy2 minutes
January 2007 — 6 posts
2007-01-27PFC subject chosen1 minute
2007-01-20Mac OS X aliases and symbolic links2 minutes
2007-01-16Hide a volume in Mac OS X2 minutes
2007-01-15Install Mac OS X over multiple volumes3 minutes
2007-01-14MacBook Pro review3 minutes
2007-01-07CVS and fragmentation4 minutes

2006 — 103 posts

TitleReading time
December 2006 — 4 posts
2006-12-19Doesn't 'ls f*' do what you expect?2 minutes
2006-12-15A subject for my undergraduate thesis3 minutes
2006-12-09Software bloat3 minutes
2006-12-04Hard disks and S.M.A.R.T.3 minutes
November 2006 — 3 posts
2006-11-11tmpfs marked non-experimental2 minutes
2006-11-09Making vnd(4) work with tmpfs2 minutes
2006-11-07A couple of Ext2/Ext3 project proposals1 minute
October 2006 — 7 posts
2006-10-25Improved Multiboot support in NetBSD/i3862 minutes
2006-10-25Mac OS X vs. Ubuntu: Summary1 minute
2006-10-20Mac OS X vs. Ubuntu: Development platform5 minutes
2006-10-07Mac OS X vs. Ubuntu: Commercial software3 minutes
2006-10-03Mac OS X vs. Ubuntu: Freedom2 minutes
2006-10-02Mac OS X vs. Ubuntu: Automatic updates3 minutes
2006-10-01Mac OS X vs. Ubuntu: Software installation4 minutes
September 2006 — 6 posts
2006-09-30Mac OS X vs. Ubuntu: The environment4 minutes
2006-09-29Mac OS X vs. Ubuntu: Hardware support3 minutes
2006-09-28Mac OS X vs. Ubuntu: Introduction2 minutes
2006-09-23A letter to NetBSD5 minutes
2006-09-21Trying out DD-WRT2 minutes
2006-09-01GNOME on NetBSD needs YOU!3 minutes
August 2006 — 13 posts
2006-08-28Recent GNOME fixes2 minutes
2006-08-28More on LOCAL_CREDS2 minutes
2006-08-27LOCAL_CREDS socket credentials4 minutes
2006-08-24A split function in Haskell3 minutes
2006-08-22What have I learned during SoC?2 minutes
2006-08-21Boost.Process 0.1 published1 minute
2006-08-17Boost.Process tarballs posted1 minute
2006-08-16Blog migrated to new Blogger beta2 minutes
2006-08-16SoC: Boost.Process published2 minutes
2006-08-12SoC: Status report 33 minutes
2006-08-09IMAP gateway to GMail3 minutes
2006-08-07GNOME 2.14.3 hits pkgsrc2 minutes
2006-08-06X11 and the Win keys1 minute
July 2006 — 4 posts
2006-07-26SoC: Playing with Doxygen2 minutes
2006-07-21SoC: Status report 22 minutes
2006-07-13SoC: Status report2 minutes
2006-07-09Fixing suspension problems2 minutes
June 2006 — 13 posts
2006-06-25Disabling bitmapped fonts2 minutes
2006-06-24Windows: Remapping keyboard keys2 minutes
2006-06-23Windows: Where is deltree?1 minute
2006-06-22Happy second birthday!1 minute
2006-06-21Windows Vista Beta 2 review2 minutes
2006-06-16Setting up BoostBook under Windows2 minutes
2006-06-14Win32: Mappings for Unicode support2 minutes
2006-06-13Burning ISO images from Windows2 minutes
2006-06-12Little application with Qt and OpenGL2 minutes
2006-06-12SoC: First commit2 minutes
2006-06-11Become productive with Quicksilver2 minutes
2006-06-06Games: Half-Life 2: Episode One2 minutes
2006-06-05Functional programming and Haskell4 minutes
May 2006 — 7 posts
2006-05-26SoC: List of accepted projects1 minute
2006-05-24SoC: Accepted, again!3 minutes
2006-05-22Analyzing security with Nessus2 minutes
2006-05-20Parallelizing command execution with vxargs2 minutes
2006-05-19What is keeping me busy2 minutes
2006-05-05Article: Smart Pointers in C++1 minute
2006-05-04Smart Pointers in C++17 minutes
April 2006 — 9 posts
2006-04-28iBook and the clamshell mode2 minutes
2006-04-22iParty 8 slides available1 minute
2006-04-18NetBSD's KNF: Prefixes for struct members2 minutes
2006-04-15NetBSD talk at iParty 81 minute
2006-04-14tmpfs on FreeBSD1 minute
2006-04-09NetBSD/i386 development under OS X4 minutes
2006-04-07Apple's customer service1 minute
2006-04-05Mac OS X: Boot Camp1 minute
2006-04-02GNOME 2.14.0 hits pkgsrc2 minutes
March 2006 — 6 posts
2006-03-29Fixing GNOME's trash under NetBSD2 minutes
2006-03-27GNOME and the dbus daemon2 minutes
2006-03-19GNOME 2.14.0 released2 minutes
2006-03-12Bikeshed1 minute
2006-03-11Linux problems: binary redistribution2 minutes
2006-03-05Fixing xv problems4 minutes
February 2006 — 13 posts
2006-02-27VigiPac: dead and reborn2 minutes
2006-02-22Managing passwords and keys3 minutes
2006-02-17C++ code in the kernel1 minute
2006-02-16FAT versions3 minutes
2006-02-15Samba performance under Mac OS X1 minute
2006-02-14Calling the BIOS from within the kernel3 minutes
2006-02-12Toying with KDE3 minutes
2006-02-11The RAII model1 minute
2006-02-11SoC: Introductory article to tmpfs1 minute
2006-02-07Rewriting from scratch1 minute
2006-02-05Automatic mouse button repeating2 minutes
2006-02-03NetBSD is now Multiboot-compliant1 minute
2006-02-02Got the trackball1 minute
January 2006 — 18 posts
2006-01-31Multiboot support for review1 minute
2006-01-28File systems documentation uploaded1 minute
2006-01-27File systems documentation for review2 minutes
2006-01-24Buying a trackball: the odyssey2 minutes
2006-01-21Desktop screenshot1 minute
2006-01-20How not to close a bug1 minute
2006-01-20GNOME 2.12.2 in pkgsrc1 minute
2006-01-20NetBSD slides for PartyZIP@ 2005 available1 minute
2006-01-18GStreamer 0.10 in pkgsrc1 minute
2006-01-17Google Talk talks to other servers1 minute
2006-01-17Some pictures of my rig2 minutes
2006-01-15Routing protocols3 minutes
2006-01-14Taking backups of your data2 minutes
2006-01-11Apple unleashes Intel-based systems2 minutes
2006-01-06Applications vs. windows3 minutes
2006-01-05Updating the pkgsrc GNOME packages4 minutes
2006-01-01File previews in Nautilus3 minutes
2006-01-01Got a BenQ FP202W flat panel2 minutes

2005 — 129 posts

TitleReading time
December 2005 — 9 posts
2005-12-27The Multiboot specification and NetBSD2 minutes
2005-12-25Merry Christmas!1 minute
2005-12-23Monotone: Got T-Shirt1 minute
2005-12-23NetBSD 3.0 released1 minute
2005-12-20SoC: Got T-Shirt1 minute
2005-12-16Comments after a month with the iBook4 minutes
2005-12-12Vim: Macros2 minutes
2005-12-11Java: Visibility1 minute
2005-12-10Case-sensitive vs. case-preserving2 minutes
November 2005 — 7 posts
2005-11-20Java: Dynamic class loading, part 22 minutes
2005-11-20RAID: Monograph1 minute
2005-11-18NetBSD: File system directories, part 22 minutes
2005-11-17How to prolong lithium-based batteries1 minute
2005-11-17NetBSD: File system directories, part 12 minutes
2005-11-16Got new laptop: iBook 12'2 minutes
2005-11-13Java: The finalize method2 minutes
October 2005 — 23 posts
2005-10-30Delta modulation2 minutes
2005-10-29Java: Dynamic class loading2 minutes
2005-10-28USB mouse, pbbuttons and lack of udev2 minutes
2005-10-27GNU Zebra2 minutes
2005-10-26SoC: Map and results1 minute
2005-10-25Remembering Freedows OS1 minute
2005-10-24MINIX 3 published1 minute
2005-10-24SoC: Payment received1 minute
2005-10-23Sending mail from the command line with Mutt2 minutes
2005-10-22Blog migrated to Blogger; welcome!3 minutes
2005-10-22About The Julipedia1 minute
2005-10-22How to contact Julio M. Merino Vidal1 minute
2005-10-22Suggestion box1 minute
2005-10-16GNOME 2.12.1 hits pkgsrc1 minute
2005-10-15Blogger2 minutes
2005-10-14Articles: Lightweight web serving with thttpd1 minute
2005-10-13Lightweight Web Serving With thttpd11 minutes
2005-10-12C++: Constructors and global data2 minutes
2005-10-08Monotone: Using mini-branches to apply patches3 minutes
2005-10-06Games: Half-Life 21 minute
2005-10-02C++: Templates and the ABI3 minutes
2005-10-02C++: Inlined code and the ABI3 minutes
2005-10-01New utility: verifypc1 minute
September 2005 — 10 posts
2005-09-30Lose vs. loose1 minute
2005-09-26Cleaning up a Debian box2 minutes
2005-09-23NFS exports lists rototill2 minutes
2005-09-22Quality of digital signals2 minutes
2005-09-18Linker's link sets2 minutes
2005-09-11Interface to change NFS exports1 minute
2005-09-10tmpfs: Project merged into NetBSD2 minutes
2005-09-10NFS file handles3 minutes
2005-09-09FFS, LFS and MFS2 minutes
2005-09-01SoC: The end3 minutes
August 2005 — 14 posts
2005-08-31A prompt that does not get in the way1 minute
2005-08-26SoC: Project announced1 minute
2005-08-24pkgsrc's strengths1 minute
2005-08-24Local sockets' permissions2 minutes
2005-08-23SoC: Status report 63 minutes
2005-08-21Manual ChangeLogs; a thing of the past?3 minutes
2005-08-16Booting NetBSD with Yaboot2 minutes
2005-08-15SoC: Status report 53 minutes
2005-08-13Raw disk devices vs. regular ones2 minutes
2005-08-08SoC: Status report 42 minutes
2005-08-07Using 'goto's in C2 minutes
2005-08-05Dedicated machine for kernel testing2 minutes
2005-08-03Hollywood OS1 minute
2005-08-02SoC: Status report 32 minutes
July 2005 — 5 posts
2005-07-19SoC: Thoughts about tmpfs data representation4 minutes
2005-07-18SoC: Status report 22 minutes
2005-07-09SoC: Status report 13 minutes
2005-07-06Monotone's CVS gateway, part 22 minutes
2005-07-01Going on vacation1 minute
June 2005 — 12 posts
2005-06-28Monotone's CVS gateway2 minutes
2005-06-28NetBSD conference at Partyzip@1 minute
2005-06-27SoC: Project page ready1 minute
2005-06-26SoC: The NetBSD-SoC project1 minute
2005-06-25SoC: Accepted!4 minutes
2005-06-23EasyTAG1 minute
2005-06-22MSDNAA1 minute
2005-06-21SoC: My project proposal2 minutes
2005-06-20MFC: Developing for Windows2 minutes
2005-06-12Fragmentation in Unix file systems2 minutes
2005-06-03pkgsrc: Documentation about pkginstall1 minute
2005-06-01pkgsrc: mplayer switches to the options framework1 minute
May 2005 — 6 posts
2005-05-29Unprivileged pkgsrc builds2 minutes
2005-05-28Distributed streaming2 minutes
2005-05-25Styles in word-processors2 minutes
2005-05-22Shutting up /etc/security2 minutes
2005-05-21pkg-config: Sanity-checking package dependencies2 minutes
2005-05-20Recent pkgsrc changes2 minutes
April 2005 — 6 posts
2005-04-29Articles: Making packager-friendly software (part 2)1 minute
2005-04-28Making Packager-Friendly Software (part 2)15 minutes
2005-04-11Modifying the environment from scripts3 minutes
2005-04-03Increasing RAM to 1GB1 minute
2005-04-02pkgsrc: Linux distributions2 minutes
2005-04-01Articles: Making packager-friendlier software (part 1)1 minute
March 2005 — 13 posts
2005-03-31pkgsrc: Package-related terminology2 minutes
2005-03-31Making Packager-Friendly Software (part 1)20 minutes
2005-03-29The TERM variable1 minute
2005-03-28pkg-config: Specifying dependencies2 minutes
2005-03-26Books: The Da Vinci Code2 minutes
2005-03-22GNOME 2.10.0 hits pkgsrc1 minute
2005-03-22XTerm: Anti-aliasing1 minute
2005-03-21XTerm: Setting up scrolling2 minutes
2005-03-15pkg-config: Mixed state in some libraries2 minutes
2005-03-14TV series: Dark Angel2 minutes
2005-03-13pkg-config: A quick introduction3 minutes
2005-03-09GNOME 2.10.0 released2 minutes
2005-03-03How to get the window size?2 minutes
February 2005 — 11 posts
2005-02-27pkgsrc: Yesterday's changes2 minutes
2005-02-26Tabulators vs. spaces4 minutes
2005-02-23Boost: Shared pointers3 minutes
2005-02-19Boost: First impressions2 minutes
2005-02-18Boost: To use or not to use it2 minutes
2005-02-13Passing information to configure scripts3 minutes
2005-02-12How to get the user's home directory2 minutes
2005-02-11C++: Verifying program sanity2 minutes
2005-02-09C++: Containers of pointers3 minutes
2005-02-08Guessing Tcl/Tk configuration3 minutes
2005-02-07C++: Exceptions and destroyers1 minute
January 2005 — 13 posts
2005-01-29Alternatives added to pkgsrc2 minutes
2005-01-26GNOME Panel easter eggs2 minutes
2005-01-23vr(4) problems2 minutes
2005-01-21Alternatives become wrappers3 minutes
2005-01-19Alternatives system in pkgsrc2 minutes
2005-01-19QEMU1 minute
2005-01-14Automatic verification of PLISTs2 minutes
2005-01-12Monotone dedicated server2 minutes
2005-01-08Kernel debugging tutorial1 minute
2005-01-06NetBSD 2.0 beats FreeBSD 5.3 in server performance1 minute
2005-01-05Tracking down a deadlock3 minutes
2005-01-04Epiphany's scrolling2 minutes
2005-01-02VigiPac is now public1 minute

2004 — 84 posts

TitleReading time
December 2004 — 9 posts
2004-12-29Got a new DVD recorder2 minutes
2004-12-15Giving blood1 minute
2004-12-13Setting up a bridge1 minute
2004-12-12OpenPAM hits NetBSD2 minutes
2004-12-12Windows and CHS2 minutes
2004-12-11Latest releases and news2 minutes
2004-12-04Variable names in Makefiles2 minutes
2004-12-02Cederrón1 minute
2004-12-01Buildtool status3 minutes
November 2004 — 6 posts
2004-11-28Impressions on Monotone2 minutes
2004-11-27QT Parted experiences2 minutes
2004-11-25Differences between a hub and a switch2 minutes
2004-11-20Linux's UFS support3 minutes
2004-11-14Dynamic open of libpthread considered harmful2 minutes
2004-11-06Good user interfaces2 minutes
October 2004 — 11 posts
2004-10-30Do you run?2 minutes
2004-10-26GNOME 2.8.1 released1 minute
2004-10-25Portability: unsetenv('FOO') vs. putenv('FOO')3 minutes
2004-10-24The libexec and libdata directories2 minutes
2004-10-20Fixing Evolution Data Server crashes4 minutes
2004-10-18An example of kqueue3 minutes
2004-10-17FAM and kqueue3 minutes
2004-10-07Trying Bogofilter...2 minutes
2004-10-05Pipes over SSH1 minute
2004-10-02New versioning scheme for NetBSD3 minutes
2004-10-01The AM_GCONF_SOURCE_2 macro2 minutes
September 2004 — 19 posts
2004-09-28NetBSD/mac68k soft-float support1 minute
2004-09-26Why function names appear in column 1?1 minute
2004-09-25Preformatted manual pages2 minutes
2004-09-24Bugs and questions1 minute
2004-09-22VCS Made Easy: sources imported1 minute
2004-09-21GNOME 2.8.0 hits pkgsrc1 minute
2004-09-19Writing portable code3 minutes
2004-09-15GNOME 2.8 published2 minutes
2004-09-14VCS Made Easy - Project registered2 minutes
2004-09-13One time passwords3 minutes
2004-09-12The old new thing1 minute
2004-09-11Added RSS feed2 minutes
2004-09-11Why pkgsrc uses static file lists2 minutes
2004-09-10About the Finder...1 minute
2004-09-10autogen.sh scripts2 minutes
2004-09-09Migrating to new versions of the GNU Build System3 minutes
2004-09-07Strange USB mouse2 minutes
2004-09-06To rely or not to rely on the PATH2 minutes
2004-09-05Back at home2 minutes
July 2004 — 29 posts
2004-07-31The Windows UI2 minutes
2004-07-30Changing NetBSD's console colors1 minute
2004-07-29Framebuffer on NetBSD1 minute
2004-07-27Tips to create good patches2 minutes
2004-07-26The FluxBox window manager2 minutes
2004-07-25Creating patches using CVS2 minutes
2004-07-24GNOME 2.7.4 released1 minute
2004-07-23Understanding patches3 minutes
2004-07-22Compiled vs. interpreted languages2 minutes
2004-07-21Scheduling timetables1 minute
2004-07-20Teleworking considered bad1 minute
2004-07-18Build your own PRAM battery2 minutes
2004-07-17Playing with NetBSD keymaps2 minutes
2004-07-16Deprexification2 minutes
2004-07-15Got the Mac's ethernet card working1 minute
2004-07-14My solution for the 'shared directories' problem2 minutes
2004-07-13The 'shared directories' problem in pkgviews2 minutes
2004-07-12Why learning English is a good idea2 minutes
2004-07-11An introduction to pkgviews2 minutes
2004-07-10Need new music? Get Nightwish!1 minute
2004-07-09The seahorse project1 minute
2004-07-08Ease the way to plug your earphones1 minute
2004-07-07Silencing the computer2 minutes
2004-07-06Test Driven Development1 minute
2004-07-04Buildtool 0.16 released1 minute
2004-07-04The Kaffe packages in pkgsrc2 minutes
2004-07-03Posting messages with Drivel1 minute
2004-07-02Make your prompt more visible2 minutes
2004-07-01Got BSD Hacks1 minute
June 2004 — 10 posts
2004-06-30Improving your coding skills2 minutes
2004-06-29Dealing with bug reports2 minutes
2004-06-28GNOME 2.6.2 released1 minute
2004-06-27Making an Athlon system consume less power1 minute
2004-06-27Watching remote system activity2 minutes
2004-06-26The art of bug reporting2 minutes
2004-06-25Connecting two networks3 minutes
2004-06-24Helping pkgsrc (through pkgsrc-wip)2 minutes
2004-06-23Getting involved in a free software project3 minutes
2004-06-22Welcome to my new journal!2 minutes