Like almost any other page on the Internet, this site uses cookies for web analytics.

I find web analytics invaluable. The insight I get from basic statistics (things like page view counts, referrers, and countries of origin) helps me understand which posts work and which do not. Knowing that my posts are broadly read is what keeps me motivated to write new content. For this reason, this site will continue to have web analytics. However, you do have a choice in how this impacts you.

This site uses Google Analytics (GA) to track statistics. GA uses cookies for tracking as well as other more intrusive mechanisms. GA is being increasingly blocked and I do not like how far-fetching and widespread it is. So, in an attempt to get rid of the GA dependency, I’ve implemented my own trivial web tracker and have integrated it with this site. This tracker is still experimental and is why I still include GA.

The tracker on this site collects the following information:

Most of this information is captured by every web server on the Internet unconditionally. The exception is the persistent, client-specific ID, used to correlate page views. This is currently used to collect the information above, but will also be used in the future to implement anonymous page votes. For these reasons, and given that this ID is not used to track your navigation patterns across the web, I think it strives a good balance between usability and privacy. As a result, I’d appreciate it if you accepted the use of these cookies.

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