III-IV is a rudimentary and very opinionated framework with which to write web services in Rust. The framework is really just a thin layer over existing and well-established Rust libraries: all III-IV does is facilitate putting things together and removing boilerplate glue. The goal is to keep each service implementation focused on its business needs in order to more-easily reason about its functionality.

This framework exists to satisfy my needs for my web services. I do not expect it to be useful to anyone but me. That said, if you do find any of this useful, by all means go ahead and use whichever parts you find interesting. Documentation is minimal at this point though. I’ll be happy to entertain contributions as well—but let’s discuss any major changes first if you have any.

The name III-IV refers to the number of layers that services using this framework need to implement. The 3 is about the rest, driver, and db layers, and the 4 is about the cross-cutting model module.

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