The Shell Toolkit, or shtk for short, is an application toolkit for programmers writing POSIX-compliant shell scripts.

shtk provides a collection of reusable modules that work on a wide variety of operating systems and shell interpreters. These modules are all ready to be used by calling the provided shtk_import primitive and “compiling” the shell scripts into their final form using the shtk(1) utility.

shtk is purely written in the shell scripting language so there are no dependencies to be installed.

shtk is known to be compatible with at least bash, dash, pdksh and zsh, and continuous integration tests prove this to be the case. It is also true that shtk runs on other shells like the native /bin/sh interpreter of the BSD systems but, unfortunately, no assurances can be made in this regard by the continuous integration system due to platform limitations.

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