VCS Made Easy, or vcsme for short, was an utility whose main purpose was to simplify the maintenance of file trees managed by a version control system, such as the well-known CVS or Subversion. Simply put, vcsme automated the process of bringing all these directories to an up-to-date status with a single and simple command.

VCS Made Easy was written in ANSI C++, making extensive use of the STL and other features; it was known to work fine with GNU GCC 3.x. It also used the libxml2 library to process the configuration file, and Boost to greatly simplify the code and increase portability.

As far as I can remember, this project never went anywhere. I was originally frustrated by having to deal with different version control systems, each with slightly different commands, and came up with this tool. But, obviously, the differences across these systems are large enough that an abstraction over them doesn’t really work.