Defining build time SLIs and SLOs

Companies grow, and with them do the software projects that support them. It should be no surprise that larger programs require longer build times. And, if I had to guess, you have seen how those build times eventually grow to unbearable levels, reducing productivity and degrading quality. In this post, I examine how we can leverage the common techniques we use for production services—namely SLIs and SLOs—to keep build times on track.

March 12, 2021 · Tags: bazel, development, monorepo
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Visual Studio Code: A modern editor

On April 14th, 2016, Microsoft announced the 1.0 release of their open-source Visual Studio Code (VSCode) editor. I’ve been drive-testing it for a few months and have been quite pleased with it, so here go my impressions. How did I get here? Let’s backtrack a bit first. I’ve been a Vim and Emacs user for many years. Yes, I use both regularly depending on what I have to achieve. For me, Vim shines in doing quick single-file changes and repetitive edits through many files, while Emacs shines in long-lived coding sessions that involve numerous open buffers.

April 19, 2016 · Tags: development, software, workflow
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My coding workflow

How would you best organize your work environment for maximum productivity if you were tasked to develop a type of application you had never developed before? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could witness how an experienced developer manages the tools of the craft so that you could draw ideas and incorporate them into your own workflow? This post aims to answer the above for the type of work I do by sharing how my workflow looks like. I want to compel you to share your own story in the comments section, and by doing so, create a collection of stories so that others can benefit from them.

September 7, 2015 · Tags: best-practices, development, essay, featured, workflow
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How to commit a code hack and not perish along the way

You are the developer in charge to resolve a problem and have prepared a changelist to fix the bug. You need the changelist to be reviewed by someone else before checkin. Your changelist is an ugly hack. What kind of response are you gonna get from your reviewer? Well as with everything: it depends! (Cover image courtesy of If you have: clearly stated upfront that the changelist is a hack, explained how it is a hack, justified that the hack is the right thing to do at this moment, and outlined what the real solution to get rid of the hack would be then your reviewer will most likely just accept the change without fuss (!

June 19, 2015 · Tags: best-practices, development, essay, featured, software
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