Comments are back and other news

Just a couple of weeks ago, I described my home-grown analytics service for this site. Today, I’m here to describe a couple of related updates: namely, the support for comments and the complete removal of client-side fingerprinting.

February 16, 2022 · Tags: blog, endtracker
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DIY web analytics

One thing that had been bothering me about my websites—including this blog, but especially when launching just a few months ago—was this: uBlock showing a warning that it blocked a tracker on the EndBASIC site. A tracking warning. uBlock complained that my properties had one tracker. And it’s true they had just one: it was Google Analytics, or GA for short. GA is the de-facto standard for web analytics: it is extremely powerful and ubiquitous.

February 1, 2022 · Tags: blog, endtracker
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