Where does Gnome use file monitoring?

One of the readers of my post yesterday, wonders where Gnome uses the file monitoring APIs. Well, the answer is: everywhere. Here are some examples: Nautilus monitors all open folders so that it can update their contents whenever the underlying file store changes. Say you are viewing the Documents folder and you save a new Document from within OpenOffice into that folder. You definitely want Nautilus to show it immediately, without having to manually hit Refresh from the menu.

April 21, 2010 · Tags: gnome
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File system monitoring, Gnome and NetBSD

A few days ago, I decided to start using NetBSD, as well as Gnome on NetBSD once again, mostly because the lack of their use makes my skills feel rusty in many different areas. While NetBSD has surprised me in a good way (I am running it on a Macbook Pro and things like wireless and DRI work), Gnome has not. There are tons of broken things that prevent a smooth user experience.

April 20, 2010 · Tags: gnome, netbsd
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Software bloat, 2

A long while ago — just before buying the MacBook Pro — I already complained about software bloat. A year and two months later, it is time to complain again. I am thinking on renewing my MacBook Pro assuming I can sell this one for a good price. The reasons for this are to get slightly better hardware (more disk, better GPU and maybe 4GB of RAM) and software updates. The problem is: if I am able to find a buyer, I will be left without a computer for some days, and that's not a good scenario.

February 28, 2008 · Tags: bloat, gnome, ps3, software
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GNOME on NetBSD needs YOU!

A few pkgsrc developers and I have been working hard for years to bring the GNOME Desktop to this packaging system and make it work under NetBSD. We are quite happy with the current results because the packages are updated very frequently and everything works. Well, almost. There are still several missing details that really hurt the end user experience and need fixing. If things continue as have gone until now, we will always be one step (or more!

September 1, 2006 · Tags: gnome, netbsd, pkgsrc
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Recent GNOME fixes

A week has almost passed since someone told me that D-Bus' session daemon was broken in NetBSD. I curse that day! ;-) I've been investigating that problem since then and (very) beleatedly fixing some issues in other GNOME programs during the process. D-Bus' session daemon did not work under NetBSD because it couldn't authenticate incoming connections; that was due to the lack of socket credentials. After some of days of investigation — which included discovering that NetBSD does indeed support socket credentials through LOCAL_CREDS — and multiple attempts to implement them, I finally got D-Bus session daemon to authenticate appropriately.

August 28, 2006 · Tags: gnome, netbsd
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