Introducing 'Dirt and the City'

A friend of mine recently started a blog called Dirt and the City and, because he has invited me to contribute to it, I feel like posting a reference here ;-) Dirt and the City is a blog that intends to show you the "ugly" (literally) side of NYC. The blog is named after a famous TV show filmed in this same city; I haven't watched the show myself, but I bet that there is no dirt to be seen in it.

September 4, 2011 · Tags: nyc, photos
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Me @ deviantART

I have been a deviantART member for a bit more than three years already — wow, time passes fast... too fast —, but I never submitted any stuff I was really proud of. In fact, I have just removed the three deviations I had in my account. Now that I own a decent digital camera, I think I'll start posting some of the photos I like most in that place after retouching them a bit.

September 8, 2007 · Tags: photos
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New camera (and current desktop)

After some time complaining about the slowness, the size and the non-working zoom of my old camera, a Kodak Easyshare DX4530 that my father gave me when replacing it, I am now a proud owner of a Canon PowerShot A570 IS. This is my first "decent" digital camera, and I'm looking forward to learning the basics of photography with it. This camera is bigger than what I planned — it is not much smaller than the Kodak —, but, on the other hand, it offers lots of features worth having.

September 3, 2007 · Tags: camera, desktop, photos
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Death star!

A cool photo I found today: I think I can say: don't be scared! That seems to be a power adapter so, supposedly, all those plugs are switched off when one of them is connected. If they weren't... this would not pass any quality assurance control... So, it is a pretty nice product :-) See the original post for more details. Edit (23rd July): Corrected the (invented) title.

July 21, 2007 · Tags: photos
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Fixing EXIF date information

Back in February, some friends and I spent a week visiting Punta Cana. We made a lot of photos there but, when we came back, we realized that most of us (not all!) forgot to adjust our camera's date to the foreign timezone, which was 5 hours behind of ours. I imported all our photos in iPhoto but the difference in their timestamps made all images appear unsorted in the main view; this was very annoying.

April 7, 2007 · Tags: exif, photos
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