Nexus 9, focused writing, and more

About three weeks ago, I got a Nexus 9 and its accompanying Folio case+keyboard at work with the main goal of drive-testing Google's mobile apps. Being "free" hardware for testing I could not turn it down, but at first I honestly was not sure what to do with it: I already got a Nexus 10 last year and exchanged it soon after for a Nexus 7 because I did not did not like its bulky feeling.

March 20, 2015 · Tags: android, review, tablet, writing
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One month in with Android Wear

Or: A review of the LG G Watch. Right before the Christmas holidays, I was gifted an LG G Watch Black Titan, a relatively simple smartwatch that sports the new Android Wear operating system: After over a month of daily use, I am now comfortable about writing about my impressions. But, before doing that, let me set this review in the right context. Context-setting Sometime last summer, the continuous interruptions from my phone ended up irritating me significantly.

February 5, 2015 · Tags: android, review, wearables
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Putting a PowerMac G5 to good use

A few months ago I bought an old PowerMac G5 off of Craigslist and since then I have been experimenting with various operating systems and configurations. Before I tell you more about these, let me briefly explain why I got such a machine. <img src="/images/2013-07-15-Power_Mac_G5_open.jpg" alt=“Power Mac G5 open case” class=“float-right” width=“250px” /> I had always wanted one of these beasts. They look gorgeous (to me) and, to convince myself to get it, I thought that I would play with the PPC64 architecture.

July 15, 2013 · Tags: featured, mac, powerpc, review
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Six months with the MacBook Pro

If memory serves well, today makes the sixth month since I have got my MacBook Pro and, during this period, have been using it as my sole computer. I feel it is a good time for another mini-review. Well... to get started: this machine is great; I probably haven't been happier with any other computer before. I have been able to work on real stuff — instead of maintaining the machine — during these months without a hitch.

June 21, 2007 · Tags: mac, macos, parallels, review
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MacBook Pro review

Since the Intel Macs were published, I had been planning to get one of them; I settled on getting an iMac 20" by next Summer (so that it'd carry Leopard "for free"). But last December I found a great offer on the MacBook Pro 15.4", being the total price similar to what I was planning to buy. Furthemore, going for the MacBook Pro instead of the iMac let me get rid of my iBook G4 and my desktop PC.

January 14, 2007 · Tags: mac, review
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