Raspberry Pi 3, rfkill, and real root causing

I’ve had a Raspberry Pi 3 in the garage running Raspbian so it was attached to Ethernet for a long time. A few weeks ago, however, I wanted to bring the Pi into the house so that my kid, who was showing interest in robotics, and I could play with it. That required having the ability to place the device onto the dining table, next to a laptop, which meant connecting it to WiFi. Easy peasy, right? Well… while that should have been trivial, it did not work right away and the solutions I found online back then were all nonsensical. I gave up in desperation because I did not have enough time to find the root cause, and all interest was lost. Until last weekend when I gave this ordeal another try. At this point, I found once again the same nonsensical solutions online, got equally frustrated about the fact that they even existed, and decided to find the real answer to my problem on my own. Yes, this is mostly a rant about the Internet being littered with misleading answers of the kind “I reinstalled glibc and my problem is gone!”. But this is also the tale of a troubleshooting session—and you know I like to blog about those.

August 16, 2023 · Tags: linux, troubleshooting
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