My interviews with Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft

Now that you know about my recent departure from Google, it is time to look into how the whole interviewing process went with all of Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft. Read on for details on engineering levels, the timeline of all three processes, and some key observations of each.

October 23, 2020 · Tags: facebook, google, microsoft, personal-story, twitter
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A teeny tiny review of Twitterville

After about two months, I finally finished reading Twitterville by Shel Israel (@shelisrael). One of my followers (@drio) asked for a review of the book, so here is my attempt to do so. But first, a quick summary: Twitterville is a book that focuses on the dynamics of Twitter. It starts by explaining how Twitter works, but that is only a tiny introductory part of the book. The majority of the contents explain how people and business interact with each other by means of Twitter, and it does so by providing lots of real-life stories.

January 27, 2011 · Tags: books, twitter
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Getting the hang of Twitter searches

I have had a Twitter account (@jmmv) for several years already but I have never leveraged its power. Why? Well... basically because I have never known how. The Twitterville book by Shel Israel (@shelisrael), which I have been reading lately, has opened my mind quite a bit. Twitter is not so much about posting status updates, but more about sharing content and starting/joining conversations with other people. Today I like to think of Twitter as a world-wide chat-room.

December 17, 2010 · Tags: twitter
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Twitter and other news

Don't know why but I finally succumbed to Twitter today, as if I did not have enough things to waste time. You can follow me with the jmmv nick. I just noticed this post comes after more than a month since the last one; my apologies. I do not have any free time these days to think about writing decent posts nor doing anything else. My current work is basically attending class, writing reports, reading papers and going to the gym (this last thing only when possible).

May 17, 2008 · Tags: google, twitter
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