Welcome to my homepage, version 3.0

Welcome to my updated homepage, this time at its third major version! First iteration — a year ago The first iteration of this site, which went live exactly a year ago, was a single static page that leveraged Twitter’s Bootstrap. I created that page for two reasons: to serve as the target for all the “homepage” links that online profiles require, and to learn Bootstrap. Due to the site’s simplicity and goals, its contents were not very interesting nor dynamic.

May 29, 2016 · Tags: website
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Welcome to my homepage, version 2.0!

Back in May, I wanted to play a little bit with Twitter Bootstrap and the result of those experiments was that I set up a personal site on this same URL. The site served me well for these months, but I wanted to see it grow to better represent my presence on the Internet. To that end, I have now been playing with Jekyll, a static content management system natively supported by GitHub Pages, and came up with the site you are own now, which went live yesterday.

October 22, 2015 · Tags: website
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