From Jekyll to Hugo

It is done. This site is now powered by Hugo instead of Jekyll. It took me a full week’s worth of early mornings to achieve, but the results are great… internally, that is, because as a reader you should notice no changes other than minor style tweaks. Performance differences As of today, this site hosts 711 posts totaling 3.4MB of text. The style sheet is based on Bootstrap and is built from scratch using SASS.

February 24, 2018 · Tags: blog, writing
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Looking to replace Jekyll

Back in May 2015, I was lured to Medium by its simplicity and growing community, which resulted in me posting a bunch of articles there and enjoying every moment of it. But, eventually, I noticed that I was losing control of my content. So a year later, my experiments to create static homepage resulted in me moving from Blogger and Medium to a Jekyll-managed site. Almost two years have passed since that migration and I can only count 7 miserable new posts. This ridiculously-low number, unfortunately, doesn’t track my willingness to write—but the friction to posting has become so high that I fear composing new essays.

February 19, 2018 · Tags: blog, writing
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The Medium experiment wrap-up

Eight months ago, I decided to try Medium as the platform on which to post my essays. Over this time I have published a handful of posts in there—8, to be precise, which is… a very shy number—but the results have been quite satisfactory: the WYSIWYG composer is excellent, the analytics tools are simple but to the point, the looks are great, and the community is nice (though I haven’t been able to tap into it just yet).

January 28, 2016 · Tags: blog, markdown2social, writing
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"Your English is pretty good!", they said

As I spend September in Seoul and attend an intensive Korean language course, my story with English comes to mind. This is a story I have told a bunch of times to friends and coworkers and it’s time to write it down for posterity’s sake. In the title of this post is a verbatim quote of something I have been told many times throughout the years: Your English is pretty good!

September 20, 2015 · Tags: english, essay, featured, personal-story, writing
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Hello, Medium!

In search for a new home to personal essays. 11 years. Next month will mark 11 years since the creation of The Julipedia, the personal blog that got me started into this writing journey. 11 years that have brought 690 posts (yeah, yeah, not that many for such a long time). And after all this time, it finally hit me: personal blogs have lost their original appeal. It is time for a change.

May 24, 2015 · Tags: essay, featured, writing
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Nexus 9, focused writing, and more

About three weeks ago, I got a Nexus 9 and its accompanying Folio case+keyboard at work with the main goal of drive-testing Google's mobile apps. Being "free" hardware for testing I could not turn it down, but at first I honestly was not sure what to do with it: I already got a Nexus 10 last year and exchanged it soon after for a Nexus 7 because I did not did not like its bulky feeling.

March 20, 2015 · Tags: android, review, tablet, writing
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