QB64 Super Dark Blue color theme

Towards the end of 2021, I was playing with QB64 and thought that its default color scheme—called Super Dark Blue—was quite neat. It reminded me of QuickBASIC, which is what the whole program is supposed to do, but the colors felt vivid and modern. Take a look: QB64 with its default color configuration. “Naturally,” I wondered if I could adopt those colors in VSCode and Windows Terminal, as these are the apps I look at the most throughout a work day.

April 20, 2022 · Tags: lab-notes, x11
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Novel color scheme for xterm

Almost two years ago, I stopped using white on black terminal windows. I found that such a setup strained my eyesight significantly and disturbed my focus. However, the complete opposite—black on white—is not much better after staring at the screen for hours: a yellowish tinted background works much better in my personal case. The OS X Terminal emulator comes with a color set that I find quite pleasant: Novel. It is a “light background”, low-contrast theme so it is easier on the my eyes.

September 23, 2013 · Tags: lab-notes, x11
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X11 mode-line generator

I recently installed NetBSD-current (4.99.12 at the time I did this) inside Parallels Desktop for Mac. Everything went fine except for the configuration of the XFree86 shipped with the base system: I was unable to get high resolutions to work (over 1024x768 if I recall correctly), and I wanted to configure a full-screen desktop. In my specific case, this is 1440x900, the MacBook Pro's native resolution. It turns out I had to manually add a mode line to the XF86Config file to get that resolution detected.

March 15, 2007 · Tags: netbsd, parallels, x11
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