Building an updated kernel for the PS3

The mainstream Linux sources have some support for the PlayStation 3, but it is marked as incomplete. Trying to boot such a kernel results in a stalled machine, as the kernel configuration option says: CONFIG_PPC_PS3: This option enables support for the Sony PS3 game console and other platforms using the PS3 hypervisor. Support for this platform is not yet complete, so enabling this will not result in a bootable kernel on a PS3 system.

March 16, 2007 · Tags: linux, pfc, ps3, yellowdog
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Building the libspe2 on the PS3

The Linux kernel, when built for a Cell-based platform, provides the spufs pseudo-file system that allows userland applications to interact with the Synergistic Processing Engines (SPEs). However, this interface is too low-level to be useful for application-level programs and hence another level of abstraction is provided over it through the libspe library. There are two versions of the libspe: 1.x: Distributed as part of the Cell SDK 2.0, is the most widely used nowadays by applications designed to run on the Cell architecture.

March 14, 2007 · Tags: cell, pfc, ps3, yellowdog
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